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Which Water?

Natural Mineral Water
The source of natural mineral water has to be naturally protected, free from all traces of pollution and having demonstrated constant composition. This status is achieved after proper investigation and study, without the use of Chemical treatment.

Acquiring Natural Mineral Water status is very difficult due to being expensive and having stringent requirements. The source needs to be constantly well protected, monitored and tested. In terms of the water we supply ours is considered the gold standard.

Our water is 100% natural mineral water from Kingshill in Lanarksire. Kingshill Natural mineral water is high in calcium strenghtening bones and teeth and low in sodium making it ideal for a low sodium diet. View our table of nutrients

Spring Water
This water comes from a natural source, but the water is allowed to be treated due to the area around it may not be protected leading to inconsistent quality of the water.

Other Water
Can be recognised as pure, purified, processed, table, distilled or remineralised water. These waters on the whole come from the mains.


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