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Water at Work?

Which Water?

Why Drink Water?

We are recommended to drink 1.8litres or 8 glasses a day of refreshing water but why will it help me?

Healthy Skin
See improvements and noticeable differences in your skin, feel smoother and softer skin as water hydrates your skin tissues.

Blood Pressure
Dehydration can cause blood pressure to fall. Keeping sufficiently hydrated will enable you to maintain you energy levels.

Helps Your Immune System
A regular intake of water helps your immune system fight infection and helps the body to get rid of unwanted toxins from the kidneys

Help Prevent Headaches
Keeping hydrated will prevent headaches caused by dehydration of your brain.

Healthy Bones
Calcium is a natural mineral, contained in Natural Mineral Water helping to strengthen bones and teeth.

Keep Fit
It is essential not to dehydrate when exercising as it makes your heart and lungs work harder. Drinking water reduces the strain on your body.




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